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About Us

Our goal is to help our customers fix anything that could go wrong, make upgrades/improvements along the way, and help them proactively maintain their vehicles. We work to keep our customers riding safely and smoothly!

We’re constantly learning about our riders and their bikes. We’re uniquely positioned to gather information about how these bikes perform over time in the real world. This means we can offer real insight to customers purchasing online, sight unseen. Not only do we see how different bikes perform over time, we also hear about what problems riders are actually dealing with, and figure out how to solve them. As a result, we can anticipate problems and proactively design solutions for our customers. 

Our proximity to the end user makes us an ideal partner for local governments, developers, and even law enforcement to develop E-bike infrastructure in their communities. We understand how our riders actually use their bikes, and can offer insight and suggestions about how to actually impact riders behavior, and get more people riding safely. 

Our ten years of expertise help create and design the programs that help programs sponsored by community developers, and our network of local repair shops provide the infrastructure to make ambitious projects a reality.

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